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Discover Magazine: The magazine of science, technology, and the future April, 2012

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Discover Magazine's mission is to enable readers to lead richer lives by explaining and expanding their universe. Each month we bring you in depth information and analysis from various topics ranging from technology and space to the living world we live in. 
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WOODCRAFT Magazine December 2007/January 2008

Woodcraft Magazine covers the Projects, Techniques, and Products of woodworking like no one else! Each issue is packed with stories from our expert project designers, builders, writers and consultants to help you work wood successfully and add to your woodworking skills and knowledge. Besides Projects, Techniques and Projects, you'll visit a unique woodshop, collect new shop tips and patterns, and learn more about the wood used to build an issue project. 

Issue 20: Dec 2007/Jan 2008
stylish complementary coffee and end tables built in the mission style are the featured project
Scott Phillips' multipurpose folding table
Judy Gale Roberts' intarsia presidential dollar plaque
A handy turned travel mug.
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Mother Earth News (june/july, 2012)

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Scientific American Magazine November 1994 Issue

Why Children Talk to Themselves
Although children are often rebuked for talking to themselves out loud, doing so helps them control their behavior and master new skills
Laura E. Berk| November 1, 1994|
The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe
Recent versions of the inflationary scenario describe the universe as a self-generating fractal that sprouts other inflationary universes
Andrei Linde| November 1, 1994|
The Genetics of Flower Development
Flower cells learn which organs to become from genes that convey positional information. A model based on just half a dozen such genes can predict how mutations will affect floral structure
Elliot M. Meyerowitz| November 1, 1994|
Secure Distributed Computing
Networks and computer security often do not go well together, but the developers of the Athena ystem have yet to see their protocols fail
Jeffrey I. Schiller| November 1, 1994|
Resolving Zeno's Paradoxes
For millennia, mathematicians and philosophers have tried to refute Zeno's paradoxes, a set of riddles suggesting that motion is inherently impossible. At last, a solution has been found
William I. McLaughlin| November 1, 1994|
Escher's Metaphors
The prints and drawings of M. C. Escher give expression to abstract concepts of mathematics and science
Doris Schattschneider| November 1, 1994|
Cerebrospinal Meningitis Epidemics
A debilitating and often deadly disease, meningitis remains common in many developing countries. New insights may soon enable us to predict and control outbreaks
Patrick S. Moore and Claire V. Broome| November 1, 1994|
Big-Time Biology
Tim Beardsley| November 1, 1994|
50, 100 & 150 YEARS AGO
50 and 100 Years Ago

Words at Play on the Internet

An Economic Uncertainty Principle

Letters to the Editors

Playing Chess on a go Board

Gruff Guru of Condensed-Matter Physics

Book Reviews

Talk about the Weather

Some Like it Hot--and Cold

Sex, Death and Sugar


Global Aid Wars

Branching Out

Brain Storm

A Nova Burns Out

Pricing Internet

Productivity Lost

Ounce of Prevention

Fighting for Survival

Bettering Batteries

A New View for Surgeons
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Road & Track Presents Exotic Cars

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True Detective, Master Detective, True Crime Monthly and Murder Most Foul are today the leading international true crime for best prices in

Horror Of The Body In A Suitcase
When Are You Going To Hurry Up And Die?
From Dorset: Death Came Through The Window
Opinion Your views
Soft Justice On The Isle Of Man? 
Gymnast Murdered In Roosevelt Country
* They Painted The Gallows Red For The Hypnotic Killer
British Shipping Surveyor Killed In Bomb Blast
Don’t Waste All This Time...Take Me Out And Hang Me
London’s Killer In The Fog
A Cab Ride To The Gallows
49 Psycho Santa Kills Eight At Christmas Party
The Mystery Of The Black Button
Dead Lovers Don’t Cheat
Stoke’s Tragic Case Of The Unwanted Boy
ad Scenes At A Funeral
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Murder Most Foul No. 85 Magazine

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Goodnight, Sleep Tight” Mom Smothers Son
Leeds Lyons Waitress Strangled
From Australia: Axe-Killer Last To Hang In New South Wales
Family’s 40-Year Wait For Justice
From Preston: Murdered As She Wrote About Their Rows
The Full Story Behind Sing Sing’s Murderous Breakout
Death In Sing Sing
Slain By The Sheriff’s Son
Opinion Your views
Manchester Tragedy: “The Gate Of Death”
Canada’s Deadly Donnellys 
46 Sixteen-Year-Old Mother-Killer Executed
Who Kidnapped and Killed Little Pamela?
55 From Scotland: Hanging Of The Village Half-Wit
The Death Plot At Big Bog Dam
Murder Mystery: Who Killed Florence Brown?

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Murder Most Foul No. 89 Magazine

True Detective, Master Detective, True Crime Monthly and Murder Most Foul are today the leading international true crime for best prices in

The Killer And The Raven
Would-Be Suicide Saved – For The Firing Squad
Policeman hanged for murder at the Scrubs
Death of a homecoming queen
In Cold Blood – New Zealand double-killing
The butcher who boiled his wife in a vat of acid
Manchester’s sad case of the soldier who could not forget
Who killed Captain Costello?
Clue in the old mill stream 
Yorkshire Tragedy: The Rawmarsh murder
How a dog “detective” solved a murder on Christmas Day
The man who would be President
Execution in an onion field
Nina cut her husband into tiny pieces...and wrapped them as Christmas presents
Murderer strikes out
Scottish minister strangled his wife...then preached a sermon
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10 Best Cars for the Eighties - August, 1981 Vintage Magazine

Vintage Magazine perfect for the Collector or anyone interested in Cars, Racing,a Favorite Model, Nostalgia, Americana or even old Advertisements.

Detailed item info
Product Identifiers
Name Road & Track
Date August, 1981
ISSN 0035-7189

Key Features
Type Monthly
Genre Automobile
Language English

Publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S.
Cover Story 10 Best Car For the Eighties - Is the One of These Best For You?
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