Friday, August 11, 2017

Horse racing today 8//11/2017

Arlington Park
Race #4- #6 PRAIRIE REBEL 90                                     win 3.20-2.60-2.10
Canterbury Park
Race #5- #1 MIRACLE ECLIPSE mdn                             mdn place 2.10-2.10
Race #10- #6 SUN COUNTRY
Charles Town Racing
Race #2- #2 OFF ROAD mdn                                           show 2.20 mdn race
Del Mar Racetrack
Race #6- #3 PRETTY OWL 93                                         loss 4th
Race #7- #2 MAJESTIC HEAT 92
Ellis Park
Race #3-#3 CRAWFORD 83    scratched                            xxxxxxxx
Gulfstream Park
Race #2- #5 J B QUICK 89                                              win 9.60-4.00-3.40
Laurel Park
Race #10- #1 BOMBSHELL 92                                       win 5.60-3.40-2.40
Monmouth Park
Race #7- #3 MIDNIGHT CELLO 99                                win 2.20-2.10-2.10
Race #8- #1 CLASS AND CASH 91                                 won 3.60-2.20-2.10
Woodbine Racetrack
Race #6- #7 INVOLUNTARY 89                                      won 3.80-2.50-2.10

Please keep in mind, I am handicapping at 5-7 a.m.
If I was watching live, probably would not bet some of these real short odds.
To get picks searched by Google, I need to get on it early.

I work my real job, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
I will post my picks for the weekend, you will have to trust me.

You can look forward to great free picks on Mon-Wed and Friday.
I am strictly a numbers guy on speed, class and pace.
Although, we may get lucky on a few payouts.
Most payouts are going to favorites.
I have the favorites that win over hundreds of races going on.
Don't think so, come back again and take a look.
It is free.  You have nothing to lose by paying attention to the top dog.

Some days are better than others in horse racing.
I do not like to lose.  Just like you.
We have taken the best opportunities in the daily program.
Hmmm, that is why the call it gambling.

Maiden races are listed, but do not bet.
or figure in the win loss percentage

Will update late races.
Have to get up at 4:00 tomorrow.


At August 11, 2017 at 6:03 PM , Blogger Ivan Johnson said...

updated results at 9:00 pm this evening


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